Rule #3 – The Kitchen Cabinets Showroom Experience

So now you’re getting ready to go to their showroom. You’re probably wondering what will happen, what you’ll see, what to expect… and maybe even “How do I get out of there without signing a contract for something?”

Don’t worry, we’re going to get you prepared for your entry and your exit.

A visit to the showroom is typically for three purposes…

  1. To show you their selection of products and services available
  2. To highlight the benefits their company can provide you by choosing them for the job.
  3. To develop a gameplan and design concept.

Nothing is more frustrating to the company than an unprepared customer. Sure, it’s there job to win you over to go with them, but be fair. Don’t walk in without any idea of what you want, and waste their time looking at picture after picture after picture.

Before you step into the showroom… I would create a workbook. Nothing fancy. A folder to save ideas of designs that you like. Blueprints if you already have that. Perhaps color scheme ideas you’ve thought out, or specific appliances and requirements you have.

Another great idea is to have a list of questions prepared that you want to have answered. Most likely, the designer will be able to answer most of them before you ask them, but have them handy just in case.

There’s also another good reason to have this information prepared before your trip to the kitchen showroom…


Most companies with a showroom will be running a legitimate business. Keep in mind though, that without sales, the showroom cannot stay open. The last thing you want is for the designer to persuade or build the kitchen on what they want you to take. With your stockpile of information handy, you can always reference back to it to make sure you’re staying close to your original plans (or understand why things have changed if that is the case).

Tomorrow, I’m going to finish this section by answering to questions for you “should I pay for the design service when others offer it free?” and “What should I base my final decision on?”

Happy Remodeling!


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