Countertops 101

So, you’ve got your cabinets picked out or maybe you love your existing ones. What’s next? Countertops. Your countertops are also a very important part of your kitchen and can either enhance or detract from your kitchen’s sense of style. So you want a countertop that works for you functionally and will look good too. There are a lot of different things to consider, and how it works for you is the most important. Don’t forget that when you’re picking out your countertop. A great looking countertop won’t look so good if it just doesn’t work. Do you need an integrated countertop and sink? Do you do a lot of baking and need a surface you can roll dough on? How about chopping, do you get tired of dragging out the cutting board all the time? Some people even find that no one surface can do everything they need. For them a combination of different countertop materials helps to solve all their kitchen needs. So, first decide what you need your countertop to do for you and then choose the material or materials that will work best for you and your kitchen.


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