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Kitchen Design Help

February 8, 2007

Do you seem to be having trouble deciding what to do with your kitchen? Maybe you have an idea but are just having a hard time explaining it. Maybe it would just be helpful to have a one stop resource to help in the kitchen design process.

To access some great ideas and some helpful tools to aid in the kitchen design process, go to . There, you are going to find links for software, grid paper, etc – the best part… it is FREE


Looking for Design Ideas?

January 31, 2007

A great place to start is a home show. You can see the latest styles of cabinets from major manufacturers and installers in your area. If you’re to that point, you could even begin gathering info from prospective contractors to do the work. If you’re not quite ready for that, it’s still a great place to get ideas for layout, styles, finishes and much more for your kitchen. Here’s a few I found online, visit one that’s close to you:

Upper Marlboro, Maryland – Suburban Maryland Spring Home Show – Feb 2, 2007 – Feb 4, 2007

Brentwood, NY – Long Island Spring Home Show Feb 23, 2007 – Feb 25, 2007

Pensacola, FL – 14th Annual Pensacola Home and Garden Show – Feb 9, 2007 – Feb 11, 2007

 Scottsdale, AZ – Scottsdale Home & Garden Show – Feb 9, 2007 – Feb 11, 2007

 Marlborough, MA – Metrowest Home Show – Feb 10, 2007 – Feb 11, 2007

 St. Louis, MO – 30th Annual St. Louis Builders Home & Garden Show – Feb 22, 2007 – Feb 25, 2007

Looking for Discount Kitchen Cabinets?

January 17, 2007

Yes, discount kitchen cabinets can be a money saver. Want some info on finding them? Check out this article entitled Discount Kitchen Cabinets and find helpful information for your search. While your there, check out other great articles and Q&A’s for tips and information on kitchen design and remodeling. You’re sure to find some great tips and information there to help you on your search for a fabulous kitchen!

Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling Ideas

December 14, 2006

Kitchen cabinet remodeling is a great way to spruce up one of the most used rooms in a home, the kitchen.  Sometimes deciding what to do with the space can be mind-boggling.  Found some great pictures to give some ideas on color of wood, design, etc.

Intermission – time for a contractor quiz

November 30, 2006

O, so you think you know how to find the best contractor for your project, right?

Well… let’s just see about that.

Take a look at this great quiz I found –

I have to admit – it’s right on target. Check it out!

Rule #3 – The Kitchen Cabinets Showroom Experience

November 30, 2006

So now you’re getting ready to go to their showroom. You’re probably wondering what will happen, what you’ll see, what to expect… and maybe even “How do I get out of there without signing a contract for something?”

Don’t worry, we’re going to get you prepared for your entry and your exit.

A visit to the showroom is typically for three purposes…

  1. To show you their selection of products and services available
  2. To highlight the benefits their company can provide you by choosing them for the job.
  3. To develop a gameplan and design concept.

Nothing is more frustrating to the company than an unprepared customer. Sure, it’s there job to win you over to go with them, but be fair. Don’t walk in without any idea of what you want, and waste their time looking at picture after picture after picture.

Before you step into the showroom… I would create a workbook. Nothing fancy. A folder to save ideas of designs that you like. Blueprints if you already have that. Perhaps color scheme ideas you’ve thought out, or specific appliances and requirements you have.

Another great idea is to have a list of questions prepared that you want to have answered. Most likely, the designer will be able to answer most of them before you ask them, but have them handy just in case.

There’s also another good reason to have this information prepared before your trip to the kitchen showroom…


Most companies with a showroom will be running a legitimate business. Keep in mind though, that without sales, the showroom cannot stay open. The last thing you want is for the designer to persuade or build the kitchen on what they want you to take. With your stockpile of information handy, you can always reference back to it to make sure you’re staying close to your original plans (or understand why things have changed if that is the case).

Tomorrow, I’m going to finish this section by answering to questions for you “should I pay for the design service when others offer it free?” and “What should I base my final decision on?”

Happy Remodeling!

Rule #2 – When They Come into Your Home

November 24, 2006

So let’s review…

You’ve conducted a phone interview with a few potential companies to do your kitchen remodeling or kitchen design work. Some will require you to come to their showroom (which we’ll go over next), and some will come out to your home to provide information and an estimate.

Now, it’s time for another “tell”…


One thing I preach to contractors is showing up on time for the appt. Once again – it’s that first impression that means so much. If they can’t be there for the appt – what can you expect once they get your money?

Of course, there are legitimate reasons for not being on time. The sign of a professional is the one that calls BEFORE the appt and let’s you know approximately how far behind they will be. Calling at the appointment time and saying they are 45 minutes away is not acceptable. Obviously, something more important kept them away from you. Do you want to be second best when making a major investment into your home?

So, now the representative is at your home. It may be the owner, a sales rep, a designer, who knows. Regardless of their position, what matters is what they do at the appointment.

You’ll want to look for someone who asks LOTS of questions. When doing a major kitchen remodel, there are lots of “what-if’s” that can happen. For the company, they’ll want to make sure all of these are covered so nothing unexpected comes up.

There are thousands of different things that can happen during the appointment. So how do you know if the company is doing the right thing?

Once again, it usually depends on how the appointment ends.

You should expect them to do measurements, provide information on their company, show you pictures of other kitchens they’ve remodeled and kitchen cabinets they’ve installed… but does that mean they’re a good company to go with?


At the end of the appointment, there are typically five things that can happen. I’ll write them out in order of appeal for your satisfaction:

#1 – they schedule a time for you to come to their showroom. – This is the best scenario. This means the company was willing to invest their time to do research on your project first, gather data, and want you to come to their showroom so they can provide further details for your project, and show you what they can do. Two thumbs up if the company goes this route!

#2 – They want to schedule a second appointment to review what they can offer you –  once again this is a good scenario. They’ve invested their time into learning about your project,they want to do further homework, and come back to you with a plan for your kitchen remodel. Usually, this is an indicator that they do not have a showroom. This is not a bad thing. Many contractors I work with find a showroom as a huge overhead expense and they can perform better without the worry of paying that bill.

#3 – They want to mail you a proposal –  I give this the “half-ass” award. It’s good that they made the first step to come out to your home and evaluate your needs. It’s good that they plan to do research and provide you with a solution. But they’re follow-up methods are lousy. Why would they invest so much time and effort up front, just to send you a piece of mail? Usually, this is a sign that they are super-backed up and you’ll be on a waiting list… or they have no interest in the job and are “brushing you off”.

#4 – They try to “close the deal” right then –  This is a big turn-off for me. Sure, everything in his world is sold to someone by someone, and your kitchen remodeling project will be no different. But it’s just to early in the process to go for a sale. If this occurs – I would be hesitant to consider this company. To ask for the sale, they have to provide you with a pricetag, and the complete solution. There simply is no way to package everything up this easily. Of course, if you’re just looking for a new countertop it’s a possibility, but much more than that and you cannot ask for the sale yet.

    #5 – They decline your job –  strike three for you. But count your blessings. At least they had the professional courtesy to turn your job down than to take on a project that would be a headache for them and you. Thank them for their help, and ask them what a good job for them normally is. This way, you can send them a referral if one comes up. Cross them off of your list and hope the next company can provide a solution.

OK – so next we’ll go over Rule #3 – going to their showroom.

Another Kitchen Remodeling Rip-Off Explained

November 23, 2006

Seems like I’m bringing up all the negative things that can happen with your kitchen cabinets and remodeling project. WEll.. better to be informed than to be let down.

Take a peek at this article I found:

Good info here. It tears apart one of those “Get a full kitchen remodel for under $10,000” ads – which OVER-promise so tehy can get you to buy, the nfail to deliver what the customer expected in the end.

Take a few minutes and read how these scams really work. Many times – the $10,000 kitchen turns into a $30-40,000 kitchen when you add in all of the things you “expected” to be included… like a faucet for that new sink.

Happy remodeling!

Ouch – Home Depot???

November 23, 2006

Wow – just did a news search on Google. Take a look at this story:

Looks like lots of unsatisfied (more like miserable) customers of Home Depot, complaining about hte problems they had with using the company for their kitchen remodel.

Here’s the video supporting the story

Now certainly, Home Depot does a good job sometimes, and sometimes it doesn’t. And of course the news story wants to create drama to make the story more appealing.

But here’s what you have to understand.

The real reason these people had problems was…

They didn’t do their homework!!!

Regardless of who you use… Home Depot… Lowes… Jim’s High End Custom Cabinets…. Bob’s Real Fast Remodeling Company… it doesn’t matter.

If you just sign your name on the line without doing your homework – you should EXPECT to have problems.

Always remember – it doesn’t matter what is said. In the end, what’s on the agreement is the binding contract.

Did your contractor tell you he should have the work completed within two weeks? Get it in writing. What are the terms if the work is not completed in this timeframe? What exceptions will you accept that could cause the work to go over?

Many times, it’s a simple communication problem that cuases kitchen remodeling and kitchen cabinet installation to go wrong. Rather than misinterpreting things… get it all in writing and signed by both you and the contracting company.