Another Kitchen Remodeling Rip-Off Explained

November 23, 2006

Seems like I’m bringing up all the negative things that can happen with your kitchen cabinets and remodeling project. WEll.. better to be informed than to be let down.

Take a peek at this article I found:

Good info here. It tears apart one of those “Get a full kitchen remodel for under $10,000” ads – which OVER-promise so tehy can get you to buy, the nfail to deliver what the customer expected in the end.

Take a few minutes and read how these scams really work. Many times – the $10,000 kitchen turns into a $30-40,000 kitchen when you add in all of the things you “expected” to be included… like a faucet for that new sink.

Happy remodeling!


Ouch – Home Depot???

November 23, 2006

Wow – just did a news search on Google. Take a look at this story:

Looks like lots of unsatisfied (more like miserable) customers of Home Depot, complaining about hte problems they had with using the company for their kitchen remodel.

Here’s the video supporting the story

Now certainly, Home Depot does a good job sometimes, and sometimes it doesn’t. And of course the news story wants to create drama to make the story more appealing.

But here’s what you have to understand.

The real reason these people had problems was…

They didn’t do their homework!!!

Regardless of who you use… Home Depot… Lowes… Jim’s High End Custom Cabinets…. Bob’s Real Fast Remodeling Company… it doesn’t matter.

If you just sign your name on the line without doing your homework – you should EXPECT to have problems.

Always remember – it doesn’t matter what is said. In the end, what’s on the agreement is the binding contract.

Did your contractor tell you he should have the work completed within two weeks? Get it in writing. What are the terms if the work is not completed in this timeframe? What exceptions will you accept that could cause the work to go over?

Many times, it’s a simple communication problem that cuases kitchen remodeling and kitchen cabinet installation to go wrong. Rather than misinterpreting things… get it all in writing and signed by both you and the contracting company.

One More Quickie Post – Give Me Your Feedback!

November 23, 2006

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Hello world!

November 23, 2006

So let’s start off with some good information for you!

Most customers I speak are in the intial stages of their kitchen remodel. Looking for kitchen design ideas.

Are you in the same position? Need help with the kitchen design tips?

Here’s my top 5 resources I use and recommend to customers.

#1 – Remodel Blog – this is a neat idea. A customer writes a day-by-day blog journal detailing out the process of their remodel. This is great information. You can see what others go through, where they have problems, and where things went well. Good reading material for you.
#2 – Interior Kitchen Design pages – I’m a big fan of – it’s a great concept. You take people who are passionate about a topic, and have them pour out their hearts with information and tips for people who want to learn about that topic. Brilliant.

Here are my favorite articles to reference customers to for kitchen design help:

Remodeling a Kitchen – Getting Started
Kitchen Planning
Decorating ideas

#3 – Makeover Magic for your Kitchen – Regardless of whether you get your kitchen cabinets from Lowes or not, make use of their helpful advice. This is a great guided tour of the kitchen remodel and design process.
#4 – – This is a great site for planning your kitchen remodel. You can set up a project planner and keep notes on your kitchen design and remodeling. This is great for organizing your thoughts and plans.
#5 – Kohler Kitchen Design Help – a great resource to help from the very begining of your dream kitchen, to the final steps.

Stay tuned. I’m going to show you a great way to organize all of your thoughts and ideas in one place, without any clutter!